Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pho 88 (Beltsville)

Once upon a time, two soup loving boys lived just outside Washington, DC in a little cottage, in a tiny forest where they often had dreams of the perfect Vietnamese meal.

They had explored the grand land of Eden, enjoyed many adventures with the Pho 75 villagers, and tasted more hoisin and siracha soaked porridges than Goldilocks who now eats only steak and tamales.

One day, on a cold and bitter-winded morning, and after feeling a bit tummy sick and tired, the two headed out of their little cottage in the tiny forest for a bowl of spice and sustenance.

They had dreamed for days of healing, salty broths and perfectly cook meat. Visions of noodles and piles of sprouts, mint, limes, and jalapenos danced in their heads. There was a lot riding on this adventure.

After a brief search for Viet Deli in the Hyattsville section of the forest, the boys landed at Pho 88, in the land of Beltsville and the village of Stripmallia just past Ikeaville.

And they soon realized the soup of their dreams had been here all along. Yes, here in the land of Beltsville, in the village of Stripmallia and just past Ikeaville was a heaping, beautifully spiced bowl of pho that came out piping hot with a sweet, beefy, fragrance. The noodles were just cooked enough and finished their softening in the broth.

One had the chicken (pho ga) with the light and delicious broth. A bit more flavorful than most and definitely the best he has had. The chicken was just a bit more moist than others he had tried, and more flavorful without being overwhelming.

The other had the combination pho with a few types of beef. It's flavor was distinctively different than that of the pho ga. Think beef, but the dreams of this one later will recall its anise and clove hints as well.

The fresh squeezed lemonade was a perfect compliment to the flawless pho, that almost brought both boys back to reality.

What a great place!"


Anonymous said...

You should have kept going on Rte.1 until you reached Costco. Across the street is Pho VN One, which is cleaner, cheaper, and has higher quality pho.

Ease on down the road to Pho VN One, instead.

DC Food Blog said...

Thanks for the tip.

DC Food Blog said...

Yes, thanks! Just as a note, this place was very clean - even the restroom, but we will definitely ease on down the road and check out Pho VN One.

Dancer in DC said...

We'll have to check this out! I know exactly where it is.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to make it sound like Pho 88 was a rat's nest. (It's not.) It's just that Pho VN One opened this year and was a complete rehab. So, in comparison...Pho VN One seems nicer.

Also, I love the people at Pho VN One. The woman behind the counter "scolded" us a few weeks ago b/c we hadn't been in for awhile. They make you feel at home.

Oh and they will sometimes play ABBA non-stop. For me, that's a plus. :P Maybe not for others.

Anon 2:17

Dancer in DC said...

Ooo! ABBA music would be a big pull for me.

DC said...

To those reading, I am pleased to report that Pho VN One blows most bowls of pho I have had out of the water (ahem, broth). Yum! -J

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