Monday, June 26, 2006

A tour of our first floor via Furniture

So here is the center of the room, our dining room table with leaves to accomodate 12. Very Under the Tuscan Sun don't you think?

And here is our kitchen cart that has our food processor, blender, juicer, and standing mixer.

We found out that the cushions get more comfortable the more you sit on them. That means lots of parties.

Finally the infamous sideboard. Thanks to Uncle Tim and Auntie Em for assemble this beast.


Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Love, love, love the sofa! What a beautiful color! And it looks oh, so comfy.

ScottE. said...

Agree with Biscuit Girl...that Ikea couch is so much nicer than ours! Jealous!!!

Lovely furniture.

Stef said...

I love the clean, rustic look of the furniture! :-)