Wednesday, June 28, 2006

a few random things

You know how dogs pee to mark their territory? I cook. Last night the new house felt like home when I realized there were two pounds of strawberries that were a day away from going bad. I took inspiration from Scotte at Eat with Me to make strawberry jam. I doubled the recipe since I had two pounds of strawberries. This came from the Barefoot Contessa and I'd have to say that woman cannot write a bad recipe. As I was somewhat paranoid about ending up with strawberry sauce instead of strawberry jam, I simmered the sucker for half an hour. The end product tasted EXACTLY like strawberry jam. However, having made strawberry jam with Sure Gel, I missed that really fresh flavor of the strawberries although with Sure Gel, the consistency of the jam really was like strawberry sauce. I will experiment to see how little I have to cook the jam and to see how much I can cut down on the sugar. Obviously it would be easy jsut to use pection, but I find that pectin has a tendency to glop up on me. Nevertheless, on my fourth day living at the new house, it's nice to make a PB & J sandwich with my own J.

And as my fabulous link of the year, I present you all with this.


Jon said...

Crap. I fall off the wagon for two months and I come back to the food blogospher and people have bought a HOUSE! man, i need to read me some archives. Congrats!

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