Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Post Wedding Brunch

So the Engaged will be the Marrieds in a couple weeks and it made me a bit nostaglic for the festivities around our wedding. I've talked at length about the food at the reception but I wanted to give another bit of advice to those getting married - create a space after the wedding for people to hang out. In the hubbub of the actual day, the wedding couple never gets to spend quality time with their friends, especially the out of towners. It's hard to be fully present on the BIG DAY. That's why doing something afterwards is so important. In the days where I was living in group houses, two different sets of folks got married during the day. After the wedding, everyone went home to join the couple who were opening gifts and ordering pizza. Like that wonderful time after a party where you get to clean up and dish, post-wedding activities give you a chance to talk about the craziness of the wedding. And believe me, no matter how well planned, there will always be wedding craziness.

With that in mind, we asked Rootbeer if she would host the post wedding brunch. We kept the menu completely simple (although that didn't stop Rootbeer from going all out) and went with a bagel and lox platter from Pumernickel's bagels and two pastry platters from Bread and Chocolate. Rootbeer supplemented that with some lemonade cake, a fritatta, and plenty of orange juice and coffee.

The brunch worked its charm and our friends had a chance to see us opening our presents and laughing about the wedding craziness.

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Rosa said...

Great idea!! We had sent all the out of town guests the name of a good DC sightseeing company (run by the family, of course) and also a copy of the latest edition of "Where" magazine a week before the wedding so they could plan some things on their own if they wanted to. We had so many different age groups, so it worked out fine.