Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Off Topic - Give to the Red Cross

I know my posts make me come across as a snarky crank but really I am an optimist. I think the assholery of my response to David's article in the Food section of the Post was indeed about defensiveness. I dug my heels in about the fact I couldn't beleive that the nitwits were changing the tenor of the dining experience. Like Jon, I've seen all of that behavior that David describes. I just don't see it on a regular basis. I do see the equisite manners of Jon from IHateBroccoli and Jason from DCfoodies. I see me and my friends (having been schooled by friends who were waiters) try and acknowledge the wonderful gift it is to have someone else feed and serve you. And I read all the time on the Chowhound boards people deploring atrocious behavior. As I don't actually WORK in a restaurant, it's hard for me to fathom the prevalence of such assholery. In spite of that I beleive people are genuinely kind and good. And to prove that I am asking people to donate to the Red Cross for Katrina victims. We came together as a country during 9/11 and we are coming together now. While this is totally repetitive and everyone has a Red Cross link, I want to do my part (I gave!) So if even one person goes to the Red Cross and donates, I will continue to beleive in the goodness of humanity. It's up to you to maintain my faith in humanity (because I am that codependent) Give here: Red Cross.

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