Friday, May 27, 2005

A Recipe that Takes Three Days to Make

Saturday - J makes guacamole and salsa for Craft Corner Deathmatch party. I chop three times as much garlic than he needs. Use that funky Saran Wrap stuff to store extra garlic.

Sunday - Feeling lazy after the party. Make a balsalmic vinaigrette for salad-in-a-bag. End up making three times more than you need. Store in a jam jar. Here's my recipe, I'm sure you have your own.

Balsalmic Vinaigrette:

3-4 cloves of garlic
Pinch of salt
1/4 cup of balsalmic vinegar
1 tablespoon maple syrup
A few shakes of red pepper flakes
Enough olive oil to make the mixture viscous (somehwere around 1/4 cup)

This is all about the whisking. First you macerate the garlic in the salt to release some more of the garlic flavor. Then you add the vinegar, maple syrup, and red pepper flakes and whisk. And then whisk in the oil slowly until the mixture becomes more viscous. I am somewhat sparing with my oil. I don't understand the 3 to 1 oil to vinegar ratios so many salad dressing recipes have.

Eat salad. Watch Desperate Housewives. Scream at Lynette to get a damn job already.

Before going to bed, have the urge for salmon. Take salmon out of the freezer to defrost in the fridge overnight.

Get home from work. Pour vinaigrette over salmon in a bowl. Toss and then cover with that funky Saran Wrap stuff. Go tell J that salmon is marinating and that if he wants some he can do my patented sear 'n bake method. I developed this method for entertaining so that you can sear if first and then bake if off when guests come. The result is a perfectly moist flavorful salmon.

Sear and bake method
Take marinated salmon. Heat nonstick pan on high heat. Sear salmon on both sides (1-2 minutes per side). Place in a 425 degree oven for ten to fiften minutes depedening on the thickness of the salmon.

Work out. Come home to seared salmon that partner was kind enough to make for you while you were working out. Dress salad greens with what's left of the vinaigrette. Serve with salmon.

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