Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Don't Hate Us

Because we regularly go to mediocre restaurants with bad service. We did that last night. And we have done that many many nights. For some reason we keep on going back to Marty's on 8th Street. Over and over again. There's a lot of Marty's shame. Have you seen the decor? It has posters of fighter jets and battleships. I am so not kidding. While the servers aren't hostile, I think befuddlement is a regular state of being. They regularly get things wrong with our order. For example last night I asked for a box for my leftover quasi lasagna. The server took it away. Never to give it back. Not that I wanted it really but I hate wasting food. And beleive me, it's not like the food is anything to write home about. Unless the letter you are writing is an ode of mediocrity. It's your basic burger, big salad, and a few grilled chicked and pasta dishes place. Barely adequate is a fair assessment. So what is the siren song of this place? It's relatively quiet, you never have to wait and it's open until 2am ON WEEKNIGHTS.

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