Thursday, February 03, 2005

Yet another 2 Amy's review - Foodgasm

It's been a while since I've had a foodgasm. It usually happens with peaches that I procure at the Dupont Circle Farmer's Market that I insist the crazy apple lady pick for me. Foodgasm is a total body experience where you just don't TASTE something but you feel it's inherent goodness infuse your body. Peaches are divine for this because there is a big difference between perfect peaches and so-so peaches. With a perfect peach, you bite and FEEL the sweetness and feel the juice dribble down your chin as the nutrients perk up your body like a drug. As I think about what induces foodgasm, I realize it's food without much done to it (which is hilarious because I am all about doing things to food). I foodgasm when I eat something that tastes like it was meant to. That mostly happens without unadulterated food.

So last night at 2 Amy's, I was in the full throes of foodgasm. The thing about 2 Amy's is that everything is just right. The decor is warm, friendly, clean, and unpretentious. The waitstaff we had were casual and attentive. And the food was just right. Seriously just right. J talked about the other stuff but I have to gush about the goat cheese and fig jam, because that rocked my world. There was just a rightness about it. The goat cheese somehow never went to far. It was creamy without being liquid, tart without being overwhemling and savory without being salty. Paired with a fig jam that was on the right side of the sweet/cloying line, I lost my shit. It just tasted RIGHT. I swear I needed a cigarette after my first bite.

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