Friday, December 10, 2004

The First Entry

This is a page for my friends and colleagues to write about food, share recipes, recommend or warn about restaurants and more. Feel free to add links, let me know about places to go, and send me recipes to include. I'llalso be sending instructions on how to do this yourself! Have fun and remember the SNDP!

I guess one of the more important things to talk about in the beginning is that I really don't intend that this is for public consumption. Um, it's the friggin' Internet, I know, but I am writing so me and my friends and our guests to DC know what we think about places to go and for us to have a place to share. Other folks are welcome to chime in, but be prepared for some serious randomness, stories about chicken girth, disagreements about what textures are acceptable to ingest and more.*

Well that's it for now. Let's see what happens!

*Comments related to chicken girth and ingesting textures are unrelated.

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Jenny said...

Found your blog, wanted to be one of the first supporters, even though I'm not in DC!

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