Saturday, December 11, 2004

Brunch Ideas in DC/VA

Brunch is a treat we don't have that often. When we go, I want it to be yummy. So, I found a couple of discussions of brunch ideas on the net. This one, is more general. And this one, I started to inquire about brunch for large groups.

This morning, my favorite brunch spots are Logan Tavern, New Heights, and Georgia Brown's.

Logan Tavern simply makes great food. It can get a bit crazy in there and can be a bit tight, but their French Toast is to die for as is their Crabcakes Benedict. Other people at the table when we went for RK's birthday seemed very pleased with their meals as well. It's across from the P Street Whole Foods. (note: they also make KILLER ginger calamari if you are there for lunch/dinner)

New Heights is a bit more understated and seems like it would be a lot more expensive but is only negligibly so if you order right. Again, French Toast is great there.

Georgia Brown's brunch is definitely something you have to try once. How's about a full on breakfast buffet as Act 1 and then an entree as Act 2. The buffet offers standard brunch fare with a Southern touch, and it will definitely fill you up. Most people have a nibble on Act 2, the entree you can order from their menu and then save it for dinner or lunch the next day.

The vegetarian options are especially yummy and I've heard many rave reviews about the fried chicken. I'm partial to the catfish myself and wash it down with a glass of peach tea. In the end, it's an overwhelming amount of food. I suggest this for special occasions.

There's also the brunch place in Virginia that a few of us went to for AMM's birthday just before she left town. What the heck was that called? I remember enjoying it.

Keep an eye out for Belga Cafe here on the hill. They'll be doing a brunch based on waffles, chocolate, and fresh fruit.


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Anonymous said...

I went to La Forchette in Adams Morgan for brunch yesterday with a friend who recommended the place. Nice, decently-priced brunch. They have a very good eggs benedict. And they don't have the line that The Diner or anyone else has in the area.

My all-time favorite in Adams Morgan is still Bardia's New Orleans Cafe. Fantastic brunch, not to mention the rest of their food. I'd swear they make the best soup in the city.