Saturday, October 20, 2007

Siri's Chef's Secret: So Right

5810 Greenbelt Rd
Greenbelt, MD 20770
(301) 345-6101

Balancing heat and sweet while offering attractive plates, Siri's is our new go-to for Thai. And I love Thai. I've had some great meals at other Thai restaurants, but I am so consistently impressed with Siri's that I had to share.

Thai has so much happening. From the texture of the chicken in the Pad See Ew to the crisp of the spring rolls, Siri's has paid attention to what comes out on your plate. Herbed grouper comes in a sauce that is sweet and hot and is perfectly cooked. The dusting of peanuts and onions contrasts with the buttery fish and hits the spot.

Pad See EW is earthy and spicy and served in a healthy portion. Not overwhelmed by vegetables, nor sauce, I'll have this again.

Don't miss the soup. I may have had the best cup of Tom Yum soup I've ever had. Siri's version is not unique, but very well-executed. The lime and lemongrass flavors rubbed up against the salt of the broth. The mushroom pieces and chicken bites were delicious.

The Thai sampler is wonderful with the tasty Angel Wings and curries are, like everything we have tried in our four visits, flavorful, balanced, and worth coming back for.

The place is actually dimly lit and sometimes that really hits the spot. It's not too dark, but you do get the sense that you are away from all the hubub your busy email-addled brain carries around all day.

Service has always been laid back and attentive. The managers seem to know all the regulars.

I'll be back. Maybe tonight?

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ScottE. said...

I've gone a few times, particularly for lunch as it's right down the road from my office...they are fast, attentive and the food is always great. Good place...too bad it looks like a strip club on the outside...but maybe that's ok...keep the secret to ourselves!

Dancer in DC said...

For what you get, this is definitely a good value Thai place.