Monday, April 02, 2007

Saravana Palace has 467,000 vegetarian options

Saravana Palace has 467,000 vegetarian options. Seriously.

OK, not really, but let's just say you won't have to search for the errant vegan throwaway item or make a meal out of canned sides resting in their own murky soy juices. The 150+ dishes that they do have offer an astounding variety of Indian yum. Many I've seen in most other Indian restaurants, but I had not heard of most dishes.

Saravana Palace is in a strip mall in Fairfax not too far from the Wegman's. On two recent trips we enjoyed a broad representation of the menu. Service was a bit slow both times and a touch discombobulated the second time, but, in general, just fine. If trickling dishes are bothersome, or if you are in a rush, consider another option.

After multiple visits, I feel safe saying it is hard to go wrong here. A mushroom curry id wonderful, dosas are ambitiously large and tasty, breads come out warm and stuffed as requested.

When in Vienna, this is the go-to. And yes, we think it is worth the trip!

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