Monday, January 08, 2007

Inside dirt

So Top Chef. Ummm...Top Chef. Ok, this show is getting progressively unrecappable. The laid back, I'd-like-to-share-a-beer-with-them personalities either being kicked off (Carlos, Josie) or are transforming into grotesquely mean pit bulls (ILAN!!!!). Last week's show was the worst. I kinda hate Marcel but even I couldn't stomach the bus-throwing that was happening. I simply can't beleive that the schoolyard taunts coming out of Sam, Cliff and Ilan's mouths. It was kind of mind blowing, and not in a good way. The only person in Top Chef that acts like a human being on a consistent basis is Elia. And I'm sure in the next few episode she will a. become evil or b. get kicked off. And even more frustating, fratty Michael seems to be coming up with the goods.

So today I found out one of the consultants I work with is a freelance food writer. Yes, someone who actually gets paid by a real magazine. Actually TWO real magazines. He went to culinary school with Marcel from Top Chef and studied under Otto from Top Chef. He told me that Marcel was surprisingly normal and is mystified why he would allow himself to be typecast the way he is. And my inside source let me know that in all the years of culinary school Marcel had never utter the words "molecular gastronomy" or made any kind of foam.


Stef said...

I'm watching the show right now, and I'm pretty disgusted with how evil Ilan is being. Sure, Sam blew his top and provoked a confrontation that wasn't all that necessary. But Ilan is really just being mean. That's not called for, no matter how much you don't like someone. Ilan is dead to me.

ScottE. said...

I've not seen any of this season. Had to make a sacrifice so I wasn't watching to much TV. Do you think it will be back for a 3rd season?

And Molecular Gastronomy? What's with that? I've heard of it, but never actually seen it out on the street. I'm going to eat a piece of garlic and exhale onto a small cube of stale bread and call it garlic toast?!!?

Leah said...

It is interesting to note as well that apparently ratings are way up this season as compared to last, and so Bravo already has signed up for a third season, also featuring Tom, Padma and Gail. Happy watching :)

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

I'm amazed at the amount of backstabbing going on this season. Of the 5 left, only Elia seems to be the one with any sense of playing fair. For that alone, she should win.