Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Station Break

So have you seen the Jennifer Aniston St. Jude's Children Center ad? It's hilarious. J and I cannot stop laughing. So Jennifer Aniston is in some well-appointed living room hanging out with a little bald girl. The bald girl is all kinds of adorable and Jennifer is very warm and friendly to her, speaking in the singsong voice you do when you're trying to let a child know you like them. Like "HEL-LOOOO Susie! THAT'S a pretty DRESS you have on!" So the little girl is talking about how she would get headaches all the time because she hit her head on a trampoline. So Jennifer Aniston goes into a sad little girl voice and says "but it wasn't the trampoline." She then turns directly to the camera and says "IT. WAS. CANCER!" The sudden switch from singsong and sad to "germs in hotel beds will kill you" voice is so hilarious. I really wish we had a reaction from the little girl with cancer to Jennifer Aniston's voice of doom because J and I kept rewinding the TiVo five or six times to hear Jennifer Aniston go "but it wasn't the trampoline (small sad voice), IT WAS CANCER!" You can't pay for that kind of comedy. Since then, J and I have been using that phrase in our everyday life.

For example -

J: Honey, we're out of toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom.

Me: But it wasn't toilet paper. IT WAS CANCER!!!!!

Pure comedy gold I tell you.


Stef said...

I'm a long-time Jen fan, but even *I* cringe when she says "Awwww, give me a hug!" It's very creepy and forced!

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

hehe, you guys crack me up.....I've seen the commercial and couldn't figure out what bothered me about it.....you nailed it on the head.

adrienne said...

What show was airing on TiVo when this commercial came on? I must see it! I must mock it!

playfulinnc said...

When we saw it, one of us choked on dinner and the other spit out dinner.

Not sure which was funnier.

St. Jude needs a new copy writer.

Susannah said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought somethig was *off* about that commerical. Jennifer Aniston does look like someone forced her to do it...and I hate the way she sits with her legs sprawled out. You just know she's got someone waiting in her dressing room to spray her down with a can of Lysol afterwards.
I heard somewhere that the little girl was on a talk show and she said something about filming with JA...but I can't find out which show or what she said.

For the records I have to say that I love the Robin Williams commercial---you just know he and that little girl danced and danced long after the director yelled "Cut!".