Saturday, April 22, 2006

I guess the world didn't end...

'cause here we are. So last night i finally got to meet Eat with Me's Scotte. Along with a veritable bevy of Graces to his Will. While I was only there for like ten minutes, it was a ten minutes well spent. Scott was crazy nice and totally funny. You could totally see that relaxed look of someone who's leaving a crazy workplace. I've been there brother! I wish I could have shared the full evening's worth of merriment because when I left Scotte was pledging to get shitfaced. And I'm sure Scotte is one of those super friendly drunks who starts introducing everyone to everyone by pointing out their best attributes. I, on the other hand, am one of those batshit crazy drunks who start asking single strainght men why they can't ask my single straight female friends out. I am sorely disappointed that I didn't meet the rest of the Eat With Me blogosphere including the fabulous stef from view from 16th street and the chilefires. When I get the backyard cleaned up it will be a sangria and mojito cocktail party at the DCFoodblogs.


Stef said...

Right back at ya - we'll have to meet for real soon! :-)

And have no fear, by 9 pm, Scotte was well and truly drunk. He's an adorable drunk, very smiley and he tends to clap and sing and give really good hugs.

I'm so glad the food-blogosphere (those who cook it and those who eat it!) is starting to become an actual circle of friends!

Dancer in DC said...

I am very distressed that:

1. You weren't there by the time I arrived, and

2. ScottE didn't take a picture of you with his camera phone to prove your existence.

This must be rectified! And soon!